Monday, May 4, 2009

Top 12 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Special Needs Moms Includes Low Vision Watch, Amplified Photo-Dial Phone and Magnifying Lamp

MaxiAids Products for Independent Living has released its list of Mother’s Day gift ideas. Although billed as ‘Top 12 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Special Needs Moms’ because of the company’s large and faithful following among the blind, low vision, deaf, hard of hearing, arthritic, diabetic and other special needs communities, the list contains items that many senior citizens and baby boomers will find useful.

MaxiAids’ founder and president Elliot Zaretsky has noticed an increase in business leading up to Mother’s Day 2009 that he attributes to the fact that many people are choosing, either out of necessity or the simple desire for practicality, to steer clear of extravagant gifts and seek out items that will make a difference in their moms’ lives.

For example, the Royal Tel-Time Bi-Color Talking Watch with White Dial is great for moms who may not be able to see a watch face easily. It features time announcement, alarm, calendar and timer and stylish gold and silver tones.

The Serene 30dB Amplified Photo Phone is great for those with mild to moderate hearing loss as well as those with memory loss, including Alzheimer’s patients. It amplifies incoming sound up to 30dB and in addition to a full number keypad has 9 buttons with slots into which photos may be inserted, allowing the user to simply touch a person's picture to dial their number. It’s also hearing aid compatible and is powered by phone line, so no batteries or separate power supply are needed.

Click to view the Press Release Top 12 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Special Needs Moms

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