Friday, May 15, 2009

Newly Separated Maxi-Aids and Hear-More Blogs Give Readers More Focused Content

Beginning this week, Maxi-Aids Products for Independent Living and Hear-More Products for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing will each have their own separate blog. This separation of the formerly combined Maxi-Aids/Hear-More blog will allow more targeted news items and product updates to be provided to the blogs' respective readers, according to Maxi-Aids’ president and founder Elliot Zaretsky.

The former Maxi-Aids/Hear-More blog will continue at its current location and will now be known simply as the Maxi-Aids blog. The newly created Hear-More blog, which can be found at, will focus on content of interest to the deaf and hard of hearing.

While the Maxi-Aids blog will touch on the needs of the hearing impaired, it will continue to provide a broader range of content. Readers will see news and information relevant to members of the varied special needs communities, including the blind, those with low vision, the arthritic, the diabetic and those with mobility challenges. In addition, attention will be given to topics of interest to senior citizens and baby boomers.

The aim, says Mr. Zaretsky is give readers more of what they want to see, and to keep the blogs strategically in line with the types of products featured, and the interests of the loyal customers served, at and

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