Friday, May 29, 2009

‘Green’ Naturalight™ Lamps Help Low Vision Hobbyists and Readers

Those of us with prescription reading glasses know that the proper lenses enable you to see finer details and read more easily. But too many of us aren’t aware of the impact lighting can have on our ability to see. If lighting isn’t bright enough or is poor quality, your eyes will have to work harder. This may limit the amount of fine detail you see and can result in eyestrain. You’ll likely end up feeling tired sooner, thus reducing the amount of time you can comfortably spend working, reading or enjoying your favorite hobbies.

Verilux, specializing in providing naturally balanced lighting for better vision since 1956, has a new line of lamps that are earth-friendly and easy on the eyes. Naturalight™ 27w energy-saving lamps last up to 10 times longer than ordinary bulbs and produce a full spectrum light that reduces glare and eyestrain making close-up tasks like reading, writing and sewing easier.

The low wattage of Naturalight lamps equates to reduced power usage and the long life means that many fewer bulbs end up in our landfills. The end result of these factors that there is less of an impact on the earth (and on your wallet!)

Naturalight Hobby Lamps come in two models. The Naturalight Hobby Floor Lamp sits securely on the floor next to your favorite couch, chair, desk or workbench. The Naturalight Hobby Table Lamp is perfect for use on any desk, table or workbench. Both models feature flexible arms that can be adjusted into the ideal position to provide the light you need.

Also available is a compact and portable Naturalight LED Clip-On Light, which is currently being given away free at Maxi with the purchase of either the floor or table lamp. Please note that this limited time offer applies only to web orders placed at

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