Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Get a Visual Alert of Incoming Cell Calls & Texts

Just put your cell phone in the cradle and get a bright visual signal if it rings! LightOn was specifically developed as a means of alerting the deaf and hard of hearing when a call or SMS (text message) is received on their cell/mobile phone. As soon as a new call or SMS comes in, a bright LED light is triggered, which continues to flash until the user notices the missed call and resets the unit.

LightOn technology is based on special vibration sensors that are responsive only to the vibrations produced by mobile phones, while ignoring any disturbances from external sources. When a text message is received, or the cell phone rings, LightOn immediately converts the vibration signals into a brightly flashing LED light that alerts the user about a new message or missed call.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Big, Bold Print Makes Typing Faster & Easier: Large Print Keyboard for Mac

This Large Print Keyboard for Apple/Mac is designed to give users an easier and more accurate way to type on the keyboard. No matter what you're using your computer for (word processing, spreadsheets, design work or any other computer applications), using a keyboard with large letters, numbers, and punctuations makes it much easier to accomplish your tasks.

Minimize your typing errors and reduce your eye strain. This is an original high quality Apple keyboard enhanced with high-contrast, long lasting markings. Great for individuals with low vision, or anyone who would benefit from seeing the characters on their keyboards more clearly and easily.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Enjoy Bowling from Wheelchair or Standing Up with the Bowling Ball Pusher

This Bowling Ball Pusher can be used from a wheelchair or a standing position. The four-pronged steel and aluminum guide slides gently on the alley floor when you are pushing the ball forward, while plastic caps protect floor surface and bowling ball. The extension handle lengthens for use, and shortens for transport or storage. It measures 38" long, is adjustable up to 54" and weighs 4 lbs.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

NEW! Read More Easily in Poorly Lit Areas - Reizen Readbrights LED Readers

Magnification plus light in your choice of stylish frames! Reizen Readbrights are premium reading glasses with tiny dual LED lights built discreetly into the frames. They're great magnifying readers during the day that offer the added functionality of LED illumination for nighttime use and low light areas. Easily see menus in restaurants and playbills in theatres. Read on planes, trains and in bed without disturbing others.

Reizen Readbrights are for all ages - young and old! College students use them for late night study sessions and seniors love them for reading, sewing and other hobbies. Plus, they're also handy for working in tight, dark spaces (ex. home improvement projects, auto repair), as well as night fishing, camping and outdoor grilling.

Choose from a full line of lens strengths from +0.00 to +3.00, and three frame colors - tortoise, black and burgundy. Get one of each to accent almost any outfit. Uses 4 CR927 button cell batteries (included).

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

EZ Low Vision Watch: Simply Slap It On - No Buckle to Handle

Introducing EZ Watch - the easiest watch in the world to use! It's perfect for those with dexterity challenges or low vision. It has three key features: Memory Band technology, a magnifying dome lens and a dial light.

EZ On/Off: The Memory Band has no buckles or clasps. EZ Watch simply slides on and off your wrist. The special band memorizes any wrist size resulting in a comfortable fit. The Memory Band is circular allowing sufficient airflow underneath the band which minimizes any moisture or sweat that could cause discomfort. No metal watch parts touch the skin for people who are sensitive to any metal.

EZ Read: A dome shaped lens magnifies the clear and large digits for those who have difficulty with their vision.

EZ Light: Simply press a button above the 2 o'clock to light up the dial in dark areas.

This model features a brown smooth leather look slap band, white dial and gold-colored case. Get more details on this style EZ Watch or visit to see other helpful products for independent living.