Wednesday, November 24, 2010

OttLite Spin and Store Desk Lamp with 3 Magnifiers

Enjoy a better way to see with the OttLite Spin and Store Desk Lamp with 3 Magnifiers. By delivering the right mix of brightness and contrast, OttLite lets you see fine print and details with ease under this unique low heat, low glare illumination that helps reduce eyestrain. For getting down to details, use the 3 spot magnifiers (1.5, 3.5 and 7.5 diopters) that fold up when not in use.

This smart lamp features a 360-degree rotating storage tray to keep supplies handy and organized. The Lamp height adjusts from 14" to 26.5" with a 21" reach and the base diameter is 10.5". Includes a 13-Watt OttLite HD (508 type) bulb, lasting up to 10,000 hours.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Learn Geography the Fun Way! Talking Tactile USA Explore and Learn Map

Give your kids a talking tour around the United States with the Talking Tactile USA Explore and Learn Map. Use the tactile, touch sensitive keys to learn about the 50 states' geography, sizes, animals, famous places, flowers, occupations, specialties and more. Kids can choose from six different missions to learn different curriculum or play in four different modes to discover on their own. Friendly phrases and cheerful music add to the play experience. For ages 3 and up.

This modified blind-accessible version has a tactile dot on each state on the map, as well as on each of the ten function buttons. Automatic shut-off preserves battery life. Volume control for quieter play.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Hear Text Spoken and See it Enlarged on Your Computer Screen with WinZoom Screen Magnifier/Reader

Are you having problems seeing what is on your computer screen? WinZoom Screen Magnifier/Reader can help! It enlarges what's on the screen, while still maintaining clear text and images. Variable color options help to reduce glare and eye fatigue. You can also increase the mouse pointer size, track keyboard focus, realign web pages and hear entire documents and emails with speech output.

This USB Version is great if you use multiple computers. Check your email or surf the web on the go. Use it safely anywhere - at a hotel, public library, friend's home or on your family computer. Remove the USB drive and no software is left behind!

A simple to use USB thumb drive makes the WinZoom 100-percent portable - it's plug and play and will operate on any Windows compatible computer. No installation is required, so you don't need administrator privileges. Simply insert the thumb drive into the computer USB port and you're ready to go.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Get Around More Easily at the Beach and Park with the All Terrain Cane for the Blind

The All Terrain Cane was designed to help the blind navigate more safely and easily in areas that aren't paved. The long curved tip reduces snagging, allowing it to glide through sand, grass and other rough terrain. Now you'll be able to walk with confidence on the beach, on hiking paths or in the park!

How Do You Use It? Hold the cane out ahead of you with the curved nylon tip resting on the ground. As you walk, swivel your wrist from left to right, so that the tip moves along the ground in an S pattern, much like the movement of a snake. The curved tip should remain on the ground at all times.

The long nylon tip has a 3" curved piece at the top, a 6" straight middle section and a 3"curved end piece that prevents snagging. The cane features a golf style handgrip with a 3.5" diameter hook at top end. There is white reflective tape on the upper shaft and red reflective tape on the lower portion.

It's available in lengths of 38 to 58 inches, in even increments, in both rigid and folding models. Purchase an optional interchangeable Bulldog Rolling Cane Tip and give yourself the flexibility to convert your All Terrain Cane to a traditional cane for use on paved roads and sidewalks.

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