Friday, September 9, 2011

Milestone 312 Text-to-Speech Book Reader/Player with Bar Code Reader, Color Identifier and Voice Labeling Options

Why lug around 10 different products to entertain, organize, and simplify your life when one product - the size of a credit card - does it all? Right out of the box, the Milestone 312 includes the functionality of a Voice Recorder, Music Player, Text to Speech Player, DAISY-Audio Book Player, Radio, Clock and Alarm. Plus, with options it can also serve as an Agenda, a RFID Tagging System, a Barcode Reader and a Color Reader!

At only 1.9 ounces the Milestone 312 is easy to take with you anywhere. Organize your daily life, or just relax and be entertained! It's great for everyone and will be especially appreciated by the visually impaired.

Get complete information about the Milestone 312 or visit for to see more products for the blind and those with low vision.