Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Get a Visual Alert of Incoming Cell Calls & Texts

Just put your cell phone in the cradle and get a bright visual signal if it rings! LightOn was specifically developed as a means of alerting the deaf and hard of hearing when a call or SMS (text message) is received on their cell/mobile phone. As soon as a new call or SMS comes in, a bright LED light is triggered, which continues to flash until the user notices the missed call and resets the unit.

LightOn technology is based on special vibration sensors that are responsive only to the vibrations produced by mobile phones, while ignoring any disturbances from external sources. When a text message is received, or the cell phone rings, LightOn immediately converts the vibration signals into a brightly flashing LED light that alerts the user about a new message or missed call.

Get more information about LightOn or visit to view thousands more products for the deaf, hard of hearing and those with other special needs.

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