Thursday, May 21, 2009

Magnifico Plus 2x Small Screen Magnifier for Low Vision Featured in Plane & Pilot Magazine

Maxi-Aids' Magnifico Plus 2x Small Screen Magnifier, which was designed to make the small screens on cell phones, smartphones, GPS units and other handheld devices easier to see, was recently featured in Plane & Pilot Magazine. Magnifico Plus has proven to be very popular among pilots, who have found it useful in viewing their electronic and navigational devices.

Magnifico Plus is essentially a magnifying lens attached to 2 arms that pivot and telescope to allow the user to position and focus the lens to meet their individual needs. This assembly is mounted on a base plate on which the electronic device is placed. It can be used with a cell phone, smartphone, PDA, GPS, iPod, Blackberry or virtually any small-screen handheld device. A product reviewer for Plane & Pilot noted that Magnifico Plus "enlarges the screen significantly."

Magnifico Plus sells for $49.99, plus as a bonus if you mention Plane & Pilot Magazine, you’ll get free shipping! For more product information, visit the Magnifico Plus Product Page at or call 1-800-522-6294.

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