Monday, May 11, 2009

The Future is Now: Ray Electronic Mobility Aid Gives the Blind a Hi-Tech Alternative to a Cane

Imagine a blind person moving around their home or office, or running errands around town, a long cane held out in front of them, moving from side to side, tapping the ground to help identify potential hazards.

Now imagine that same person navigating flawlessly around those locations, able to identify and avoid all of the same hazards. But rather than a traditional cane for the blind, they are instead holding a small device that fits in the palm of their hand. This incredibly compact (4.72” long by 1.1” wide) and ultra lightweight (only 2.1 oz.) device is called the Ray.

Ray Electronic Mobility Aid for the Blind

Ray was designed to provide a handheld, lightweight and compact alternative to traditional canes for the blind. Using an ultrasonic emission similar to the cone of light of a flashlight, Ray senses obstacles and alerts the user by emitting audible or vibrating signals (or both.) Obstacles up to a distance of 9.35 feet (2.85 meters) away will be recognized and announced to the user via an audible or vibrating signal.

To find out more, click the above link, or visit to see more products for the blind and visually impaired.

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