Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Read Text on the Computer Screen More Easily with ZoomText Express Screen Magnification Software

Do you find yourself having to squint or lean in to read print appearing on your computer screen? ZoomText Express can help by providing a gentle boost of magnification (up to 2 times) so that hard to read text is larger, clearer and easier to see. You can also apply a soft tint to white areas of the screen or reverse all colors to eliminate glare.

Have trouble finding the mouse pointer and text cursor? ZoomText Express lets you adjust the size and color of the pointer and apply eye-catching locators to the cursor making them easy to see and follow. With the versatile features of ZoomText Express, you can now enjoy using your computer with deserved comfort and ease.

ZoomText Express is available on disk for $59.99 or as a computer download for $49.99. Visit to view thousands of items designed to support your healthy, active and independent lifestyle.

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