Friday, August 14, 2009

Maxi Touch Dots from MaxiAids Help the Blind Identify Keys, Buttons and Knobs by Touch

Live more safely, easily and efficiently at home! Decrease errors and increase productivity in the workplace! Maxi Touch Dots are tactile, self-adhesive dots that make it easy to identify buttons and keys on almost any household appliance or electronic item by touch. Use on computer and typewriter keyboards, knobs & buttons, tape recorders, telephones, calculators, etc. Simply peel off the backing & apply!

These dots, which have a 1/4" diameter, are extra thick (3mm) so they are distinguishable by touch from thinner dots, thus providing a greater range of marking capability. They come packed 64 dots per package and are available in 10 different colors. The Mixed Touch Dots variety pack contains 64 dots each of all 10 colors.

To order click Maxi Touch Dots or visit to see a full range of products for the blind and those with low vision.

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