Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Braille Labeling Kits from MaxiAids Help the Blind Live More Independently

Two new Braille Labeling Kits available at www.MaxiAids.com give the blind a handy, portable means of marking virtually all the items around them - whether at work, home, school or on the go. These portable kits are great for instantly labeling books, prescription bottles, cans, clothing and countless other items.

The compact Pocket Jumbo Braille Labeling Kit (item 205255) features a durable metal slate with 8 jumbo-size cells and 4 lines. It measures 4 1/8” long X 1 ¾” high. The cost is $16.95.

The ultra compact Pocket Jumbo Braille Labeling Kit (item 207255) features a lightweight, sturdy red plastic slate that’s easily visible for those with low vision. It has 8 standard size cells and 4 lines, and measures 2 ¾” long X 1 ¾” high. The cost is $14.95.

In addition to their unique Braille slates, each kit contains 50 rubber bands, 50 safety pins, 50 blank labels and a stylus. Order them by clicking on the kit names above, or by visiting www.MaxiAids.com.

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