Monday, August 10, 2009

Giant Print BINGO Cards from MaxiAids Help Low Vision BINGO Players Enjoy the Game Again

“The faster you can see the numbers on your card, the faster you’ll be shouting BINGO,” comments Elliot Zaretsky, founder and president of MaxiAids Products for Independent Living. Maxi-Aids recently added a new line of Giant Print BINGO Cards to its extensive selection of BINGO-related accessories, which also includes Braille BINGO boards for the blind.

A long time favorite family game, BINGO has brought countless hours of fun to players of all ages. But for those experiencing vision loss, a game of BINGO can become a frustrating experience where seeing the card becomes extremely difficult. Some players even reach the point where assistance of a second party becomes necessary. “We’re seeing a lot of seniors, especially those who enjoy playing BINGO at their senior centers, as well as an increasing number of baby boomers coming to us for solutions,” says Mr. Zaretsky. “And we’re always happy when we can help make the lives of the the blind and those with low vision a little easier.”

Available in Red, Blue, Green and Yellow, these Giant Print BINGO Cards measure a generous 11” x 17” and feature bold black 1-3/8” high numbers that are easier to see than any other cards you’ll find. They’re made of durable heavy-duty card stock that will last for many games.

Visit to view other BINGO accessories, as well as thousands of other products for the blind and those with low vision, as well as the deaf and hard of hearing, arthritic, diabetic, as well as those with mobility issues and other special needs.

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