Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Multi-Position Suction Cup Grab Bar Helps Prevent Dangerous Slips and Falls in the Bath

Stay safe in the bathtub and shower! The unique 3-suction cup design of the Multi-Position Suction Cup Grab Bar from Drive sets it apart from other grab bars, providing maximum stability and versatility. The center section swivels, allowing for 180 degrees of movement to accommodate all kinds of showers and tubs. This range of motion also allows it to be positioned at a wide range of angles, giving the user the ability to position it in the best position to meet their individual needs.

Release levers make installing and removing the suction cup grab bar quick and easy - no holes, screws or tools required. Just push the vacuum lever down to ensure a secure grip to any flat surface. Red/green color indicators show you whether you have a safe, secure suction, or if you need to re-attach the grab bar. Item #1513084. Cost: $34.95.

See the Multi-Position Suction Cup Grab Bar or visit www.MaxiAids.com to see more products to support your safe, healthy and active lifestyle.

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