Monday, October 5, 2009

Accessible PC’s: All-in-One, Touch Screen and Medical Grade Personal Computers Now Available at MaxiAids

A new line of all-in-one personal computers available at MaxiAids Products for Independent Living ( offer a number of convenience features, including space saving design and accessibility to those with special needs. In addition, a series of medical grade Touch Screen PC’s has a unique anti-bacterial coating that prevents the spread of dangerous germs.

On Zero Footprint models, the CPU (including the CD-Rom Drive) is actually built into the back of the keyboard, so no separate box is needed. This is an especially efficient choice for the blind computer user who, eliminating the need for a computer monitor, can have an entire PC system in one single piece – the keyboard.

The All-in-One 19-in. LCD PC helps you save space without sacrificing performance, plus offers a large, easy-to-see 19” LCD monitor that’s great for everyone, and will be especially appreciated by those with low vision. The All-in-One LCD PC, the most compact, yet powerful personal computer you’ve ever seen, combines a PC and an LCD monitor into one attractive, efficient and user-friendly package.

The All-in-One 19-in. LCD PC with TouchScreen helps you save space without sacrificing performance, plus offers a large, easy-to-see 19” LCD monitor with a touchscreen. You can display and use the on-screen keyboard as an alternative to the included wireless keyboard. Those with low vision will be sure to appreciate all that this system offers!

The Medical Grade All-in-One TouchScreen Personal Computer, ideal for hospitals and healthcare facilities, features a unique antibacterial plastic coating designed to prevent the spread of germs and create a healthier clinical environment for both patients and health care workers. Being dust and waterproof (its IP65 certified), it can be sprayed and wiped down without the risk of damaging the computer. As if that’s not enough, it’s also resistant against both alcohol and detergent. With these worries eliminated, medical personnel can focus more of their attention on the important task of patient care.

All models come in a variety of available pre-packaged configurations. Or, MaxiAids can custom-build a unit to meet your individual needs. All units use powerful, reliable Intel processors and feature Vista software, with a free upgrade to Windows 7 when it becomes available (scheduled for late October 2009).

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Maxi Aids offer a number of convenience features and accessibility to those with needs of series of medical grade
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