Friday, June 5, 2009

Press Releases Help Maxi-Aids Reach Customers with Special Needs

Whether you’re promoting a product or business, running a charity fundraiser, or trying to draw attention to an important cause, the greater the number of people that get to hear your message, the better off your prospects for success will be.

Maxi-Aids Products for Independent Living,, supplier of items for the blind, low vision, deaf, hard of hearing and those with other special needs, has been using press releases as a means to reach customers and increase brand awareness for several years.

For nearly the past 2 years, the press release distribution service 24-7 Press Release has given Maxi-Aids an effective, reliable means of delivering a variety of product updates, news items, contest announcements and holiday gift idea lists to news and other media outlets.

As a result, we have seen immediate and positive results in terms of search engine rankings for the keywords included in our press releases and received inquiries from media (including a newspaper reporter) resulting in additional exposure for Maxi-Aids. We have also seen our releases picked up in numerous news services and referenced in countless blogs and tweets.

For Maxi-Aids founder and president Elliot Zaretsky, himself the father of a deaf son, the exposure press releases provide is valuable, and somewhat personal. “The more people we reach, the more people we help – it’s that sample,” says Mr. Zaretsky.

Click to visit 24-7 Press Release or to view a listing of Maxi-Aids Press Releases

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