Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Complete Quick & Hearty Diabetic Cookbook Helps Those with Diabetes Manage Meals

Diabetes patients know all too well the importance of watching everything they eat, and how the amounts and types of foods they eat impact their blood glucose levels. When it comes to cooking at home, challenges often arise when diabetics realize that some of their favorite family recipes may now be 'off limits.'

However, it is possible for diabetics to manage their special dietary needs while at the same time keeping their taste buds happy. The Complete Quick & Hearty Diabetic Cookbook, available at Maxi-Aids, features more than 250 fast, low-fat recipes with old-fashioned good taste. Included are Appetizers, Soups, Salads, Main Dishes, Side Dishes… and even Desserts.

To help diabetics track their food intake, nutrient analyses and exchanges are included with each recipe. And for those wondering if it’s “legitimate” will be pleased to know that it carries the endorsement of the American Diabetes Association. View the diabetic cookbook or visit for more products for those with diabetes.

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