Thursday, June 11, 2009

Maxi-Aids Releases List of Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Special Needs Dad

A box of golf balls? A gift card? Yet another shirt and tie? What will you be giving your dad this year for Father’s Day? Instead of the ‘usual suspects’, you can give your father something different this year. Maybe a Voice Recording Tape Measure? Or a Talking Alarm Clock that never has to be set?

Father’s Day is June 21, and for those seeking a unique gift idea that your dad will love, and that perhaps will make his life a little easier, Maxi-Aids has released its list of Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Special Needs Dad.

Included is a range of items that address a particular special need (low vision, hard of hearing, blind, etc.) or that simply make daily tasks and hobbies easier and more enjoyable. But special needs being put aside, seniors, baby boomers or any father will appreciate many of the items.

Check out the complete list here and visit to see many more products for independent living. Or, view a listing of Maxi-Aids Press Releases.

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