Thursday, July 19, 2012

MaxiAids Featured in Farmingdale Patch Article

MaxiAids Products for Independent Living was featured in an article appearing on the internet-based news site Farmingdale Patch.

The piece talks about MaxiAids' catalog and internet business providing assistive products for their many customers, who include the blind and visually impaired, deaf and hard of hearing, and those with other special needs.

Elliot Zaretsky, MaxiAids' president and founder, is quoted in the article, as he discusses the company's ability to succeed in difficult economic times. He also shares his motivation in starting the company, which began in 1986 in the basement of one of his chain of pharmacies. As the father of a deaf child, he wanted to do whatever he could to provide a better future for his son.

Larry DiBlasi, MaxiAids' executive director of operations was also interviewed for the story. Among other things, he notes the company's successful vocational program for members of the blind and deaf community, as well as the fact that MaxiAids employs a number of hearing and visually impaired individuals.

Read the complete story, titled Farmingdale Company Gives Disabled Their Lives Back. Call 1-800-522-6294 or visit to learn more about MaxiAids' extensive range of over 8,000 items designed to help seniors and those with special needs live more active, healthy and independent lives.

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