Thursday, July 26, 2012

MaxiAids Expands Nutritional Product Line with Ensure, PediaSure, Resource, Glucerna Additions

As part of the continued growth of it's home healthcare business, MaxiAids Products for Independent Living, leading supplier of items designed to improve the lives of seniors, as well as the visually impaired, hearing impaired, and those with other special needs, has added a number of products to their existing line of adult and children's nutritionals.

Among the recent additions are flavored shakes, thickened water and juices, and powdered protein supplements under the brands Ensure Plus and Ensure Immune Health, PediaSure, Resource and Glucerna.

Nutritional drinks have a variety of formulas, including those that add calories, protein, vitamins and minerals, boost the immune system and/or address varying needs of adults and children who may require supplemental nutritional intake due to surgery or medical conditions.

See the complete selection of Nutritional Drinks , or visit or call 1-800-522-6294 to learn more about MaxiAids and their products to support your healthy, active and independent lifestyle.

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