Thursday, September 24, 2009

MaxiAids Brings Back Hoyle Super Jumbo Playing Cards for Low Vision Customers

MaxiAids Products for Independent Living ( has once again shown that even in these difficult economic times, its focus remains on customer satisfaction. Upon learning of his customers disappointment that Hoyle Super Jumbo Playing Cards had been discontinued, MaxiAids president and founder Elliot Zaretsky took it upon himself to make sure these customers got the product they wanted. He contacted the manufacturer and, investing MaxiAids own resources, worked with them to bring this item back for a special run.

This scenario is just one example of how MaxiAids is willing to go the extra mile for their customers. “It is important to see beyond the item itself,” says Mr. Zaretsky, “and to think of how a seemingly simple item can have an impact on someones life.”

“Some might question my spending so much time and effort on playing cards,” he continues, “but to those with low vision, this deck of Jumbo Playing Cards, which have 1” bold numbers that are easier to see, can mean the difference between them being able to go out and socialize over a friendly game of cards, or instead sitting alone at home.”

“We’re in a unique situation,” explains Mr. Zaretsky. “Our customers count on us for products that will help them enjoy easier, more active and independent lifestyles, and we take that responsibility seriously. I never underestimate the importance of any single customer or any one of their requests.” That’s probably why over the past 23-plus years, MaxiAids has grown to become the industry-leading supplier of products for those with special needs.

MaxiAids is now offering Hoyle Super Jumbo Playing Cards at new, even lower prices. A single deck (item #48615) is only $2.89 and a twin pack (item #48625) is only $5.69. Visit to view more items for those with low vision.

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