Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Don’t Delay – Get Your Large Print Calendar From MaxiAids and Start Planning Out 2010 Today

It’s hard to believe September is already here! All too often, the days, weeks and months fly by, leaving us wondering where the time went and thinking about all of the unfinished projects and unfulfilled goals in our lives.

Calendars are a great way to help keep on track with appointments, obligations and projects. But many calendars, such as those on pda’s, cell and smartphones, or even the calendars in printed planners are simply too small to see comfortably, especially for those with low vision.

MaxiAids has several oversized calendars that are easy to see and use. They all feature bold black print and come in various sizes, and new for 2010, one is even printed in yellow for maximum clarity. The choices are listed below. Click on a name to view the product details, and visit www.MaxiAids.com to see more low vision items:

The Giant Print Calendar - 2010
Low Vision Calendar - 11 inch x 17 inch - 2010
Yellow Low Vision Calendar - 11 inch x 17 inch - 2010
Jumbo Print Calendar - 2010

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