Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stay Safe in the Kitchen! Avoid Burns with Stay Cool Pot Grip and Oven Rack Guards

If you’ve ever inadvertently touched a hot pot handle or oven rack, you know how painful burns can be. But help is here, as two great new products available at offer an added measure of safety when you are cooking.

A secure, convenient alternative to traditional potholders and oven mitts, the Stay Cool Grip was designed to fit over a range of handle sizes, allowing you to safely handle hot pots and pans. Simply slip it over the pot handle and you’ll be able to get a good grip without worrying about getting burned. Made of durable heavy-duty silicone, it is heat resistant to 482° F and is dishwasher safe. It costs $6.95.

The Cool Touch™ Oven Rack Guard offers protection against burns that can result if you accidentally touch or brush against hot oven racks. Made from fabric first developed for firefighters, the Oven Rack Guard protects you by slowing the heat transfer from metal oven racks to your skin. The 18” length provides extensive coverage on all standard oven racks. It’s safe up to 500° F and is machine washable. The cost for a package of 2 guards is $19.95.

Both items, as well as many more kitchen and cooking helpers may be seen and purchased at

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