Friday, July 24, 2009

Keep Your Notebook Computer Screen Secure and Glare-Free

With the rise in popularity of notebook computers, an increasing amount of business is being conducted outside traditional corporate locations. For many salespeople, small business owners, consultants and freelancers, the local coffee shop has become an office. Pitches are being made and deals struck over restaurant lunches. In addition, many people are handling banking transactions and other personal business via their laptops.

But with the economy and convenience of these pseudo-offices, doing business in public locations can come at the risk of compromising the security of the information displayed on your laptop’s screen. Enter PrivacyWard, a privacy filter that, when placed on the LCD of your notebook computer, prevents anyone sitting to the side from seeing what’s on the screen.

PrivacyWard uses screen darkening privacy technology, rather than common blurring or distorting of screen data to prevent casual onlookers from viewing your screen. At the same time, the anti-glare filter blocks UV rays, giving you a crystal clear view of the screen and protecting both your eyes and the notebook display. Microlouver Privacy Technology allows those sitting directly in front of the notebook and within a 60-degree radius to see data on the screen clearly while blocking side views.

PrivacyWard is smudge-resistant, protects fragile surface of notebook screens from scuffs and scratches and is made of a durable 3-layer composite protective film. It’s easy to apply, clean and re-apply and comes in three sizes (15.4-inch, 17-inch and 19-inch), priced at $43.00, $46.00 and 49.00, respectively. Click on a size or visit for further information or to order.

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