Thursday, January 29, 2015

10 Totally Awesome and Accessible Valentine's Day 2015 Gifts for Him and Her

Valentine's Day 2015 is fast approaching and whether you have been with your loved one for 5 months, 15 years or 50 years, it's always a good idea to think outside the box when it comes to Valentine's Day gifts. At MaxiAids, we pride ourselves on providing solutions on a daily basis that add accessibility and enhance the lives of everyone we serve, and Valentine's Day is no different. From cozy shawls to keep her warm to magnifiers that help him or her see, MaxiAids presents 10 Totally Awesome and Accessible Valentine's Day 2015 Gifts for Him and Her.

5 Valentine's Day 2015 Gift Ideas For Her

Purpose: To keep her warm and comfortable in the winter months.

Purpose: Helps her see more clearly and easily when applying makeup, color-matching or putting in contact lenses. 
Natural 5x-1x Lighted Makeup Mirror - Black - MaxiAids

Purpose: Extra-loud vibrating alarm clock with stylish hot pink, heart-shaped design.
Sonic Boom Sweetheart Alarm Clock -

Purpose: Enables her to dry her hair without having to grasp and hold a handheld blow dryer.

Pro Style Bonnet Hair Dryer for Hands-Free Drying - MaxiAids

Purpose: Show your love for her and let her show her love for sign language and deaf culture.

Mystique ILY Bracelet with 0.5-in. Gold-Plated Charm and Purple Beads - MaxiAids

5 Valentine's Day 2015 Gift Ideas For Him

Purpose: Announces the time and even sets itself. Perfect for low vision or visually impaired.

Purpose: Takes the fatigue and stress out of reading so he can read his favorite books without any straining.

Purpose: Provides powerful and portable light with 8 LEDs and an ergonomic grip he'll be sure to love.
The Larry 8 LED Pocket Work Light - Red - MaxiAids

Purpose: Binocular Magnifier with 2.7x lens. Fits over most eyeglasses or may be worn without glasses. Lens flips up for when magnification is not needed, making this a perfect low vision magnifier for him that keeps his hands free so he can focus on the tasks at hand. Flip-up feature provides added convenience.

Reizen Flip-N-Clip Binocular Lens - 2.7x Hands Free Magnifier - MaxiAids

5. I Love You Day Keychain - Silver. Also available in Gold.

Purpose: A fun way to show dad he is loved that he can take with him wherever he goes.

5 Valentine's Day 2015 Gift Ideas For Him or Her

Purpose: Fill 20 pages with pictures and audible captions. A romantic Valentine's Day gift idea for any loved one in your life where you want to add your own personal touch to your pictures and memories.
Talking Photo Album with Personalized Voice Recorded Messages - MaxiAids

Purpose: Exceptionally easy to use talking alarm clock with personalized voice reminders for seniors and caregivers. This is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for mom, dad or the caregiver in your life. 

Reminder Rosie Talking Alarm Clock with Personalized Voice Reminders - MaxiAids

Purpose: Read more easily at home or on the go and toggle between 1.9x and 13.6x magnification. This is a reading support tool designed for both children and adults with low vision and can be given as a Valentine's Day gift to virtually anyone of any age.

Aukey Special Edition Video Magnifier - 1.9x and 13.6x - MaxiAids

Purpose: Sleek, attractive digital Apple Shaped Talking Alarm Clock that is packed with features everyone can enjoy and access. Makes a great Valentine's Day gift for teachers as well as anyone who just likes a fun, functional digital talking clock that can be placed anywhere.

Apple Shaped Talking Alarm Clock with Temperature and Calendar - White - MaxiAids

Purpose: Enjoy amplified calls without a landline and hear cell phone calls loud and clear while at home.

Clarity Amplified Bluetooth Cordless Phone with Answering Machine - MaxiAids

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Jennifer Davies said...

This is such a helpful list, thanks. It's hard to think of good gifts that enable people as well as them entertain them. That shawl would be perfect for my mom. She's always cold, even when it's very warm inside. I know she's appreciate the shawl for car rides.