Thursday, October 23, 2014

5 Money Saving Tips for Holiday Shopping 2014

Believe it or not, the 2014 holiday season is approaching fast. On Twitter, Black Friday chatter has already commenced, and the hashtag #holidaysarecoming has been trending. Before the holiday season hits full stride, here are 5 tips you can use to make sure you are fully prepared to shop smart and save big.

5 Money Saving Tips for Holiday Shopping 2014 - MaxiAids

1. Budget accordingly for your immediate family. 

While it may be too late to set up a holiday account through your bank this year (where you choose to put aside a few dollars per month specifically for holiday shopping), it's never too late to take stock of your finances and create a holiday budget that fits your needs.

Of course, the bulk of your budget will be going to your immediate family - your spouse, your children, your parents and grandparents. For these important people in your life, you should list their names and think about what you typically spend on them (perhaps you even have last year's receipts or an Excel sheet with what you bought). Try to assign a reasonable dollar amount range and stick to it, but leave some wiggle room for impulse buys that you know you won't be able to resist. After all, we're only human and there will be at least one or two purchases that will just be too good to pass up. 

2. Let Secret Santa save you money when shopping for friends and extended family.

Where some people run into trouble financially after setting their holiday budget is when they feel they have to shop for extended family and friends because they want to reciprocate gifts they know they will be getting from them. One suggestion you can make to different groups of friends or relatives to save money is to have a Secret Santa gift exchange, where everyone is randomly assigned 1 person to shop for with a certain spending limit that is discussed in advance. Secret Santa is a great way for you and your friends to save money while still getting a nice gift, which is a win-win for everyone who participates.

3. Take advantage of early bird holiday sales before Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Some retailers will offer early bird holiday sales for those shoppers who prefer to get a head start on checking off their lists. In 2014, you can find great deals way before Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and doing some early holiday shopping while saving money is a great way to avoid piling up one huge bill that will need to be paid off in December or January.

4. Subscribe to Email Lists now to avoid missing out on special holiday offers and huge savings.

Even if you prefer not to shop early this holiday season, one thing you should do in advance is subscribe to email lists now so that you can get in on the biggest savings and deepest discounts of the year.

5. Like / Follow your favorite stores and brands on social media including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

In 2014, social media is a crucial way to shop smart and save big during the holidays. Retailers are leveraging their resources and using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media platforms to promote their best deals throughout the holiday season. Also, the advantage of social media is that you can see what your favorite brands are up to and stay up to date on new products, holiday gift ideas you may not have thought of for your loved ones, and huge savings that might be exclusive to those platforms.

We hope you enjoyed these 5 money saving tips for the 2014 holiday shopping season. Happy deal hunting!

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