Wednesday, February 12, 2014

MaxiAids in Allrecipes Magazine Feature on Kitchen and Cooking Products for the Blind and Low Vision Chef

MaxiAids Products for Independent Living, supplier of items for the blind, low vision, deaf, hard of hearing and seniors is proud to have been part of a recent article highlighting cooking tools that enable legally blind people to work more easily, safely and efficiently in the kitchen.

The article, which appears in the February/March 2014 issue of allrecipes magazine, published by the world’s largest online food community, presents a number of kitchen helpers that writer Tammy Ruggles, a self-described ‘legally blind foodie’, says she couldn’t do without.

MaxiAids, which contributed product for the feature, was mentioned as a source where the blind and low vision can find these helpful items that were featured in the piece:

1. Auto-Measure Spice Carousel: Contains canisters that dispense pre-measured amounts of a spice with each turn of a dial, eliminating the need for hand measuring by sight.

2. High-Contrast Cutting Board: For safer, easier cutting by low vision cooks. It is white on one side for cutting darker colored foods (ex. beets and green peppers) and black on the other side for cutting lighter foods (ex. onions and mushrooms).

3. Funnel: This specially designed funnel has a trigger that helps control the flow of liquids for neat, accurate pouring and less spills.

4. Audible Liquid Level Indicator: A small electronic device that, when hung on the rim of a glass, senses and alerts with a beep sound when the liquid being poured is near the top of the glass. It enables the blind and visually impaired to pour securely without concern for over-pouring.

5. Big Number Tactile Timer with Loud Ring: Whether you’re timing when to flip meat on the grill or cook time for pasta, this low vision cooking timer has easy to read big numbers that are also tactile for touch reading. It has a built-in stand for secure footing on a counter or table and a loud ring you won’t miss.

No matter what your cooking needs involve – making favorite recipes for daily family meals, baking scrumptious desserts or even hosting an elegant dinner – these products can make the time you spend in the kitchen safer, easier and more enjoyable.

To purchase or get more information about the above items or countless other handy cooking helpers visit or call MaxiAids at 1-800-522-6294 and speak to one of our knowledgeable, experienced customer service associates.

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