Thursday, December 13, 2012

TADI Talking Voice Organizer Helps the Blind and Low Vision Manage Their Busy Schedules

MaxiAids Products for Independent Living offers the TADI Talking Voice Organizer in English, French or Spanish, an exciting new device for the low-vision or blind user.

Life moves faster and faster every day. Multitasking has become a necessity. We demand the ultimate in productivity and efficiency of ourselves, and by extension, of our personal devices as well. The low-vision or blind consumer is no exception.

Until now, the low-vision or blind consumer has had to use one device for phone dialing, another device for note recording, another to know what time it is and another for reminders. The TADI Talking Voice Organizer is a powerful yet lightweight portable personal organizer that neatly replaces all these gadgets.

The TADI is not just a recorder, reminder, calendar or phone dialer. It’s all of those, plus much more. It’s a talking phone dialer, talking notepad, and talking address book. It’s also a talking diary, talking calculator, talking reminder and talking clock. The user can learn from the talking tutorials how to easily and almost intuitively program and operate the unit.

Its alphanumeric QWERTY keypad has raised guide points for sightless entry. Each keyboard action is clearly voiced, so the user never makes a mistake. Working in crowded environments? The TADI has an earphone jack so only the user can hear its spoken functions. Concerned about security? The TADI has password protection options, so everything stays private.

Just one touch gives the user access to the 900 available phonebook contacts, message recording and playback, searching, recording, listening, copy, paste and speech. With the easy search feature, users no longer have to scroll through recorded notes, credit card information, phone numbers or reminders to find the right one. Simple, fast searching saves time and increases efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.

When it’s time to share information with friends, family or co-workers, the TADI can download or upload data to and from your computer. It can store up to five hours’ worth of digital recording.

What’s more, the TADI measures only 5-3/4 x 3-1/2, so it can travel anywhere easily. It has adjustable volume and screen contrast. It runs on three AAA batteries or on a power supply.

The TADI is a device that will make any user’s life easier and much more efficient. MaxiAids offers this great item at a special discounted price through their website at MaxiAids is a world-leading provider of independent living, supplying a wide range of adaptive products to aid the blind, low vision, deaf, hard of hearing, diabetic, and those with mobility issues.

For more information visit or call MaxiAids at 800-522-6294.

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