Tuesday, November 13, 2012

MaxiAids Offers Sharp, Clear Magnification On The Go

Whether you’re out for a day of shopping, handling correspondence or perusing the menu at a fine restaurant, a handheld electronic magnifier provides customized magnification at the touch of a button.

You don’t have to struggle with tiny acrylic magnifiers that may show only one letter at a time. You don’t have to go to the expense and inconvenience of a large closed-caption unit that requires a lot of space on a desk, plus a TV or computer monitor.

Electronic handheld magnifiers have screens like tiny computer screens, so no matter how high the magnification you need, the screen stays the same size, so you can see your material comfortably. Switching magnification levels is a breeze. Simply toggle up or down at the flick of a switch to increase or decrease magnification.

You can switch between black on white or white on black, or several combinations of color. Any printed or handwritten material, or any image, can be magnified to your perfect comfort level.

These magnifiers are also very cost-effective, costing a fraction of what traditional CCTV units cost. Unlike other portable units which require a monitor or computer screen, these units can literally fit in your purse or pocket.

We proudly offer several units that our customers really love. The first is the Snow Portable Video Magnifier, item number 607669 at $ 459.00. It delivers 2X to 16X magnification on a 4.3-inch color screen, plus Freeze Frame technology. You can connect the Snow to your TV or computer for larger viewing.

Another is the Eye-C Portable Video Magnifier, item # 357124 at $ 595.00. It offers 1.5X to 17X magnification and anti-blur technology.

A third is the Smartview Nano Portable Video Magnifier, item # 358720 at $ 196.00. This petite item is for those customers who want plenty of bang for their buck. It magnifies 5x to 20x on its 1.8 inch screen and boasts many of the features of its larger cousins.

See all these items and many more representing the latest in magnifying technology at our website, MaxiAids.com

About MaxiAids:
MaxiAids was founded over 26 years ago to fill a void in the availability of products for the blind, low vision, deaf and hard of hearing. Over the years, that initial mission has expanded and today MaxiAids is the leading supplier of products that support the healthy, active and independent lives of those in the various special needs communities, as well as seniors, baby boomers and the general population.

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