Monday, May 21, 2012

Reizen Star Audible Soccer Ball with Bells - Great for Accessible Play on Most Surfaces

The Reizen Star Soccer Ball with Bells provides lively performance and is suitable for play on most surfaces. Specially designed rust proof, non-magnetic jingling bells on the inside allow for audible tracking of the ball. Soft polyurethane surface has a light feel.

Its 100-percent latex bladder provides maximum bounce and twice the air retention of other match balls. 32-panel design with hand-sewn seams. Color: Yellow with black, grey and red imprinted design. Official Size 4 (8-in. Diam.) designed for players ages 8-12.

Get more information on the Reizen Star Soccer Ball with Bells or visit to view thousands more products for independent living designed for seniors as well as the blind and visually impaired and those with special needs.

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