Thursday, January 26, 2012

Family Toilet Seat - No Need for Bulky Separate Seats for Children

No more bulky, inconvenient separate children's toilet seats to deal with! The Family Toilet Seat is a regular toilet seat with a second pull down seat for children or small framed adults. Features a second seat with a smaller opening fitted between a standard adult toilet seat and lid. Ideal for adults with small frames, kids of varied ages, grandparents with visiting grandchildren, child day care centers and facilities catering to all ages.

When the smaller seat is not needed, the unique design allows you to simply lift it up into the lid. It can also be removed for easy cleaning or storing. Rubber bumpers under the bottom seat eliminate wobbling. Fits all standard toilets. Made of durable plastic.

Get more information on the Family Toilet Seat or visit to see many more convenience items for the bathroom.

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