Friday, December 16, 2011

Control the Temperature with Your Voice

This thermostat talks - and listens! With the Kelvin Talking Thermostat your voice controls the temperature settings. Once you program the thermostat using the talking buttons, the advanced speech recognition technology allows you to raise and lower the temperature simply by using voice commands.

Voice commands can be initiated by pressing the large tactile buttons or by clapping your hands, by knocking on a table or desk, or even just by whistling! This useful low vision aid will control the heat, fan and air conditioner to a precise and ideal comfort level.

With Kelvin , every button talks so there's no more straining, squinting or guessing. When a button is pressed, a clear voice tells you exactly what that button signifies. It will announce the time, room temperature and temperature setting. Programming buttons including "Set Day," "Set Time," "Raise" and "Lower" make it simple to use and understand.

Although it was designed especially for the visually impaired, disabled, elderly or anyone who may have difficulty seeing and programming a standard thermostat, Kelvin will be appreciated by everyone.

Get more information on the Kelvin Talking Thermostat or visit to see more products for the blind and those with low vision.

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