Monday, November 21, 2011

Easy Cell Phone Dialing, Loud Calls and an SOS Emergency Button

Do you find today's cell phones too small, too hard to dial or just too complicated? The easy-to-use Just5 Cell Phone was designed for people like you. It offers big buttons, 100dB adjustable amplified volume, and has only the features you want, eliminating complicated and unwanted options. The talking keypad ensures accurate dialing, plus it's hearing aid compatible.

For emergency situations, users can preset up to five phone numbers for 911, family, friends, doctors, etc. When users press the emergency SOS button, the phone will text an urgent message (e.g. "I'm having an emergency, please answer") to these five numbers, then dial them in prioritized order.

It's unlocked, so in addition to choosing a prepaid or monthly calling plan (with no contract or activation fees), users have the option of keeping their existing AT&T or T-Mobile calling plan.

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