Tuesday, July 19, 2011

MaxiAids Celebrates 25 Years of Business Success in Independent Living Field

As MaxiAids Products for Independent Living marks the 25th anniversary of its founding, it continues to thrive – even in the current recession – by maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction, by utilizing the latest technologies and by reaching out to bring its products to a wider audience.

It is no secret that the recession is hitting the business community hard. With the current recession have come daily reports of struggling companies and frequent Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings. But as it celebrates 25 years in business, MaxiAids Products for Independent Living demonstrates how it is possible to survive... and even thrive... in a difficult economic climate.

MaxiAids, a family owned business specializing in products for the blind, low vision, deaf, hard of hearing and those with other special needs, has taken the recent economic adversity in stride and turned it into a growth opportunity. They have maintained their focus on providing superior customer service while at the same time welcoming new technological advances and bringing their products into different markets.

On the customer service side, MaxiAids prides itself on maintaining a staff of knowledgeable and well-trained industry professionals skilled at helping customers choose the right product. Customers are assured their questions will be answered and any necessary exchanges, repairs and refunds are handled quickly and seamlessly. In a bad economy, it is imperative to at least meet – and preferably to exceed – expectations. Anything less may result in a lost customer.

Today, especially with the emergence of social media platforms, having a website is essential for any business’s survival. MaxiAids’ interactive site (http://www.MaxiAids.com) served over 1 million visitors and shipped nearly 100,000 products in 2010 alone. They use email campaigns, expedited shipping options and free shipping offers, as well as a presence on Amazon’s marketplace to spur sales. Facebook and Twitter accounts present product announcements and relevant news items, in the process offering an opportunity to engage potential customers.

Lastly, MaxiAids has taken a core mission since their founding – to help those with special needs maintain healthy, active and independent lives – and expanded it out to reach a larger audience. Seniors and baby boomers, a large and ever-growing segment of the population, present a huge potential market for items such as magnifiers, talking clocks and amplified phones, to name just a few. In fact, most households would benefit from the types of products MaxiAids offers, and they are adjusting sales and marketing efforts to address these consumers.

To weather the economic storm, businesses must be agile, savvy and able to re-invent themselves. They must be open to new media and willing to part with old methods that may no longer be viable. For those such as MaxiAids who are willing to do this, the rewards can be great.

About MaxiAids
MaxiAids was founded 25 years ago to fill a void in the availability of products for the blind, low vision, deaf, hard of hearing. Over the years, that initial mission has expanded and today MaxiAids is the leading supplier of products that support the healthy, active and independent lives of those in the various special needs communities, as well as seniors, baby boomers and the general population. For more information visit maxiaids.com

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