Friday, April 29, 2011

Turn Your TV or PC into a Reading Aid: ezReadPro Wireless Electronic Magnifier

Transform your television or personal computer into a visual aid! Simply place the ezReadPro from Carson Optical directly on top of your reading material to display the magnified image in full color right on your television screen or PC monitor. It magnifies 20x (to 70x digitally) on a 20” monitor. The size of your TV or PC monitor determines the actual magnification. The larger the monitor, the greater the ezReadPro magnifies!

Its wireless design allows you to use as far away or as close to your PC or television as you like. Internal LED illumination ensures that the image on screen is bright and easy to read. The ezReadPro is lightweight, ergonomic and easy to use. It's ideal for those with low vision or macular degeneration.

Get more information about the ezReadPro or visit to view more products for those with low vision.

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