Friday, October 22, 2010

New Franklin Speaking Spelling Bee Teaches English and Pronunciation

The Franklin Speaking Spelling Bee gives you a jump on the competition to learn English by putting you right in the middle of a Spelling Bee. Hear a word pronounced, and then spell it to win. Learn definitions and word origins. See the word used in a phrase or sentence. Take advantage of its larger, touch-sensitive screen for faster, easier game play.

Speaking Spelling Bee has three ways to play. Practice eases you in, asking you to spell 15 words 3 times each, with a timer. Game Show puts you at the mike to earn money as you spell words quickly and correctly. Competition then tests your skills in a spelling competition against your friends or computer opponents. With 3 skill levels, game words are challenging for any grade level. So keep playing! Improve your spelling and grow your vocabulary. Just see how much you can learn!

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