Friday, February 26, 2010

Protect Your Eyes From the Elements with Cocoons Polarized Sunwear

As February, Prevent Blindness America’s Low Vision Awareness Month comes to a close, we highlight eyewear designed for those who wear prescription eyeglasses.

The Cocoons Mini Slim MS model is part of the Live Eyewear family of OveRx specialty sunwear. OveRx sunglasses are designed to be worn over prescription eyewear, completely isolating the eyes from the elements, allowing them to remain relaxed and focused.

Featuring Polare polarized scratch resistant lenses, Cocoons will eliminate harsh glare and block 100% of harmful UV rays. Package includes a custom soft neoprene case and large lens cloth. Wear over prescription frames not exceeding 126mm wide x 36mm high (4-7/8” x 1-3/8”). Item #252415. Cost: $44.95

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