Friday, December 18, 2009

MaxiAids Featured Product: Accessible Honeywell Thermostat Helps the Blind, Low Vision and Arthritic Easily Control Home Temperature

Easy to See, Easy to Use and Mercury-Free! The Round Easy-To-See Manual Thermostat from Honeywell is the most accessible thermostat you’re likely to find. The oversized 4” diameter dial has large 5/16” bold black numbers & lines that are raised for tactile reading. It’s great for use in any home, and will be particularly appreciated by the elderly and seniors, the blind and those with low vision, and those whose arthritis or dexterity issues make it difficult for them to grasp and turn dials.

The oversized 4” diameter dial is easy to grasp and turn when adjusting the temperature. Raised tactile numbers mark each ten degrees (“5” at 50 degrees, “6” at 60 degrees, etc.) and raised lines mark even numbers between 42 and 88 degrees. Plus, it clicks into place every 2 degrees (ex. 60, 62, 64…) so you’re sure it’s set exactly where you want it.

It can be used with gas, oil, electric and heat pump, as well as forced warm air, hot water, steam and gravity heating systems. Written instructions are included, and a Braille Owner’s Manual is available from the manufacturer upon request.

Order the Low Vision Thermostat from Honeywell (item 506887) for $79.85 at MaxiAids, or visit to view many more products for the blind and those with low vision, arthritis, dexterity challenges and other special needs.

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