Thursday, November 5, 2009

Foot Flush: The Hands-Free, Germ-Free Toilet Flushing Device

With the cold and flu season upon us and the Swine Flu (H1N1) again front and center on so many people’s minds, here’s a product (or 2 products, actually) you may want to consider: Classic Foot Flush and the Fun Foot Flush, both of which are Foot Pedal Toilet Flushers.

Stomp out germs in your bathroom! The Foot Flush is a revolutionary foot pedal toilet flushing device designed to allow you hands-free flushing of your standard toilet, keeping germs away and keeping your family clean and healthy. There’s no more reaching, bending or twisting. You just step and flush. It’s great for arthritis and back pain sufferers, seniors, those with limited mobility and post-op patients. It’s also a good idea for any household to help reduce the spread of germs.

Fits most existing flapper-type toilets and can be installed in just 3 easy steps, in under 2 minutes, without tools. Made of strong, durable plastic, Foot Flush lasts for nearly one million flushes – enough for a family of five to use for over 10 years. It easily lifts off the floor for cleaning, and can simply be wiped clean with an antibacterial, disinfecting cloth. No batteries or electricity required. The Classic Foot Flush (item #155918), with its traditional style, will suit all bathroom decors. The Fun Foot Flush (item #155919), shaped like an oversized foot, is great for children and those wanting a fun, light-hearted design touch. The cost for each is $24.95.

Buy the Classic Foot Flush or the Fun Foot Flush, or visit to view more items that help prevent the spread of germs (including swine flu/H1N1). Among the available products are surgical gloves, facial masks and hand sanitizing lotions.

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