Friday, April 24, 2009

Read All About It… Find Books with Deaf Characters and Themes Plus ASL Educational Books and DVD's

If you’ve ever wondered why more books aren’t written with deaf characters or you simply have had difficulty locating them, look no further!

HearMore carries a wide range of books for and about the deaf, including everything from fiction with deaf characters (for children, teens and adults) to deaf Hispanic-themed books. Marlee Matlin’s Nobody's Perfect and Deaf Child Crossing are among the great reading choices for teens, while the new I Am Deaf is geared towards children ages 4-7. An entire category dedicated to hearing loss includes non-fiction books on cochlear implants and parenting deaf and hard of hearing children.

Also available are an extensive range of educational products on American Sign Language, including American Sign Language: The Easy Way. DVDs, videos, books, dictionaries, flashcards and complete ASL learning systems offer countless learning options to the deaf, their family members, ASL educators and anyone interested in learning signing.

Click HearMore Books, Videos and DVDs with Deaf Themes to see all of the choices!

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