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MaxiAids...celebrating healthy, independent lifestyles for 22 years

MaxiAids...celebrating healthy, active
and independent lifestyles for over 22 years

Our passion is finding products that help you enjoy
everyday to the fullest. Thousands of products for independent living, including aids for the Blind, Visually Impaired, Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Arthritic, Diabetic & those with Mobility issues. Serving more Seniors and Baby Boomers every day.

MaxiAids... celebrating healthy, active and independent lifestyles for over 22 years. Our passion is finding products that help you enjoy every day to the fullest. Thousands of products for independent living, including aids for the Blind, Visually Impaired, Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Arthritic, Diabetic & those with Mobility issues. Serving more Seniors and Baby Boomers every day.
No matter what you need... we have you covered with the largest selection at the lowest prices!
Welcome to MaxiAids.com! http://www.maxiaids.com/

Here is a listing of some information within the categories that our catalog and eSite presents:
Browse our wide selection of magnification devices of all types and in all magnification strengths.
These magnifiers are useful for increasing fine print in books, working with hobbies, even increasing
the size of your television or computer screen.

We have the largest selection of talking watches at the lowest prices. We feature a talking watch that speaks Spanish. We also carry the entire line of Reizen Atomic Talking Watches. It is amazing to hear a watch talk. We have styles for men women and children.

If reading and writing are not as much fun or enjoyable as they used to be due to vision problems...if you require some assistance when reading and writing, or if you're just looking for the reading and writing tools you need, then this is the section for you! We have items for reading and writing manually in written words, as well as in Braille. We even have items to teach you how to read Braille!

Here's where innovation truly comes alive at Maxi-Aids. Everyday Talking Products,Franklin Talking Products, Spanish Talking Products, Talking Calculators, Low Vision Clocks, Reading Machines, Scales, Thermometers, and Watches that all talk. For blind or low vision users, our talking products will help with everyday needs around the house, as well as fun and interesting items for hobbies and entertainment.

It's important to receive notification of an emergency as quickly as possible. When seconds count, count on our products to keep you updated to situations around your house or office. You can feel safe and secure once your environment is equipped with these alerts:

Baby Signalers, Care-Deaf Alerting, Door/Knock Sensors, and Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors from brands you can trust such as Ameriphone, Silent Call and Sonic Alert. Because full awareness of your environment extends to your car, we also offer Driving Aids.

Individuals with any level of hearing impairment will be able to amplify sounds in a variety of situations with the products sold in this category. We offer Amplification Systems, Personal Amplifiers, Stethoscopes, Telephone Amplification and a myriad of items from trusted manufacturers such as Comtek, Listen, Williams Sound and more.

Our Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implant Batteries are Rayovac's finest and our prices are the lowest. Great Product(s) and Lowest Prices! No One Can Top That!

This category is especially for the hard of hearing. (TTY's/TTD's are available in the following section for the Deaf.) Amplified Telephones, Conference Phones, Cordless Telephones, Portable Phone Amplifiers, Telephone Accessories, Telephone Headsets, and Telephone Ringers/Flashers are available to make phone conversations easier and more enjoyable in both the home or office environments.

Welcome to the TTY/TDD section of our website. While technology is always moving forward and inventing new expensive gadgets for communicating, the tried-and-true TTY has remained a preferred method of communication. We have TTY's for home, office and even Public Phone use, all with a range of features. Choose from among your favorite manufacturers: William Sound, Ameriphone, Krown, Ultratec and more, as well as accessories to complete your TTY setup.

This category is especially for the person who prefers their alerts to vibrate rather than flash or ring. Vibration is a more personal and discrete means of being alerted or notified, without interrupting or disturbing others. This category specializes in Alarm Clocks, Bed Shakers, and Vibrating Watches. Also see "Alerting Devices" for other alert systems that vibrate.

Recommended for individuals with mild-to-moderate mobility issues, the scooters in our Motorized Scooters category are as fashionable as they are functional. Looking more like a recreational vehicle than medical equipment, these scooters will aid you in getting around while on vacation or even just hanging around the house!

Maxi-Aids is proud to make available one of the largest and most diverse selections of Wheelchairs, Rollators, Wheelchair Accessories, Crutches, Canes (Mobility and for the Blind), etc. on the web. No matter what you're looking for, we're confident that you'll find it here.

Our wheelchairs have a variety of features such as: swing-away and 'fixed' leg-rests or footrests; flip-back, removable or 'fixed' arms in full or desk lengths; seats in a range of widths from 16' to 24'; recliner models or transport chairs; and heavy-duty wheelchairs with a weight capacity of up to 500 lbs.

When you're done browsing through this section, please don't forget to look through our Wheelchair Accessory category, where you'll find a wide assortment of add-on products to make a person's stay in a wheelchair more comfortable.

The bathroom has the distinction of being one of the most dangerous rooms in the home. The good news is that most accidents that occur in the bathroom can be prevented. This portion of our website is devoted primarily to safety, but also includes cleaning aids and toileting aids for individuals who are mobile, but restricted to some degree in their movements.

Please review the following sections to see how you can make your bathroom a safer place: Bath/Body Aids, Bathroom Accessories, Benches/Seats, Commodes/Toilet Seats, Incontinent Products, Pans/Urinals, and Safety Bars/Rails.

This category offers products to aid the diabetic with all the issues associated with diabetes. We have socks to improve circulation problems; automatic lancers, carrying/travel cases, replacement test strips and glucose solution, lancets, sterile alcohol pads, as well as our favorite items - the voiced products that read glucose levels to you with a press of a button.

This section is brought to you with specific mobility issues in mind. For people with arthritis, hand tremors, paralysis or Parkinson's disease, these special dishes with extended rims and built-in lips and cups with spill-proof lids or dual handles for easy grabbing will make self-feeding a lot easier.

These items are presented to you with tactile buttons or voice, among other helpful features, to make the time spent in your kitchen easier, safer and more enjoyable.
Please take a moment to peruse this category to look for the newest Grills, Broilers, Single Burners, Toasters, Jar Openers, Bread Makers, Beverage Makers, Coffee Makers, Fry Pans, Microwave Ovens, Food Processors, Can Openers, Knife Sharpeners, Peeling Machines, Pizza Cookers, Slow Cookers, and especially for the visually impaired, a talking jug and a stove minder. We also have Talking Kitchen Scales that speak English, French, German, or Spanish.

Please Contact our website, http://www.maxiaids.com/You'll find the prices of all our products for independent living, both the lowest, most affordable, and the quality of our products, the best. Or contact our Customer Service Specialists at 1-800-522-6294 (Voice), 1-631-752-0738 (TTY), 1-631-752-0689 (Fax).

Thank you Kindly,

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